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Moving Between Apartment Buildings In The Same Complex: Tips For You

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When you have been living in an apartment complex that you love but need a change of view, apartment size, or want to move up from the ground floor to the top floor, you may find yourself in a position where you are moving, but not very far away. Many people would dismiss the process of moving to a new apartment building within the same complex as easy and something you do not have to prepare yourself for. However, anytime you need to change residences, no matter how far you are going, there is some planning that needs to go into it. Get to know a few tips for moving into a new apartment and apartment building in the same complex so that you can make your moving process as smooth and simple as possible.

Do Not Think You Have To Do It All Yourself

Because your move is such a short distance, you may feel as if the entire burden of moving your possessions that short distance should be on your shoulders. You may even think that it will be easy enough that you do not need additional help. This is not the case.

Whether it is a short or long distance, multiple trips carrying even moderate weight loads will wear you out fast, let alone your heavy possessions and furniture. If you do not want to be miserable throughout your whole move, hire local movers (and ask friends and family if you want) to help you get all of your possessions from one apartment building to the other.

The benefit of hiring movers for such a short distance is that they will be able to complete your move quickly and efficiently. You will, therefore, save money, not to mention save time and keep yourself from becoming exhausted. And, while they are carrying your possessions to the new apartment, you can begin unpacking right away so you are settled that much sooner. Contact a company like Affordable Transfer Co Inc. for more information.

Get Creative With Packing Materials

Because you do not have to load all of your possessions into a truck for a long journey, you can afford to be more creative with how you pack up your possessions. For example, your folded clothes can remain in your dresser drawers to be carried from one apartment building to the next.

For your hanging clothes, you can either put them in suitcases or luggage that you have around the house (hangers and all) or you can use clean trash bags that you place over a bundle of items. Poke a hole through the bottom of the bag to fit it around your hangers and tie the opening at the bottom closed for easy and clean transport.

Canvas totes work wonders when you are moving a short distance as well. You can use them to transport framed pictures and artwork, office supplies and books, or even food and other kitchen items (in separate canvas totes, of course). These can be a lifesaver, especially if you do not want to purchase extra boxes for your move.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can make the process of moving between apartment buildings in the same complex easier, you can get started as soon as possible and have your move complete before you know it.