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Why Hiring Professionals To Move Your Piano Is Important

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When you own a high-quality piano and need to move it from one location to another, it is crucial to do it without damaging it. Pianos can be sensitive to vibrations, shock, and jarring, so hiring professional piano movers is the best way to ensure that all the proper precautions are taken during the move. 

Weight And Size

Pianos are heavy, and even a small upright piano can require some special equipment to do more correctly. While many of them have wheels on them, they are there to make it easier to move the piano around in the room and are not designed to carry the weight over rough ground or into a truck. 

Professional piano movers typically use furniture moving equipment to support the piano's weight that has larger wheels to roll smoothly over most surfaces. The supports carry the piano's weight and help cushion it as it is moved to ensure that it does not get banged around or damaged. 

The size of the piano can also become an issue, and depending on the style, some pianos need to be partially disassembled to move them. While uprights may fit through a doorway without a problem, a grand piano will not and must be moved carefully on its side in most cases. The professional piano movers you are working with will know the best way to move each type of piano and what they need to do to protect it. 

Piano Transportation

When your piano is moved to a new home or another location, the truck that the piano movers use will also help ensure it gets to its new location unscathed. Most piano movers use a box truck with a lift gate to make it easier to get the piano in and out safely and ensure there is space inside the truck for all the parts and the piano itself. 

Often these trucks are equipped with air-ride suspension systems to help cushion the ride along the way. The suspension system does not eliminate all movement and vibration in the truck, but it can help reduce it considerably. 

Once the piano gets to its new home, it must be unloaded and reassembled in the space. Even when moved with great care, the piano will most likely need to be tuned by a piano tuner to ensure it is correct.

Let your piano movers know where you want to piano before they unload it so they can move it from the truck to the location in the home using the most straightforward path possible through the house. The fewer turns and tight corners they have to make, the less likely the piano is to get nicked or scratched as they move it, and the faster they can get it in the house and set up for you.

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