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Moving Your Business To A New Location? Tips For Moving Your Desktop Computers

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If your business has grown enough that you need to move to a new location, this can be an exciting time for you. One thing you need to be careful of when packing for the move is how you move your desktop computers. If not moved correctly, they could easily be damaged. The tips below will help keep them in good condition during the move, as well as make it easier for you to unpack the computers when you arrive at the new location.

Sort and Dedicate

It may seem easy to simply put each desktop computer, along with the accessories, such as the cords, into one box. By the time you put a desktop computer in a box, however, it can be hard to find space to add all the accessories that go along with it unless you use a much larger box, which takes up more space in the moving truck.

You can maximize the space, however, by giving all like parts their own dedicated smaller boxes. For example, put all the mice in one box, keyboards in another, power cables in another, etc. Label each box appropriately, and you will prevent an organizational mess when you start unpacking.

If you have things like microphones, DVDs, etc., that you are moving, these items are more fragile. Stuffing them down into the box with the desktop computer may damage them. Put all the fragile items into a box of their own, and mark "Fragile" on the side of the box so the moving company knows they need to be handled with care.

Use Cord Covers

To provide all the computer cords with protection, consider put cord covers over each of them. You can buy these at most electronic or computer supply stores. These cord protectors are generally made of a durable plastic, and slide onto the cable. You can continue using these after you get everything set up to protect the cords from foot traffic.

Protect Hard Drives

You may want to consider removing the hard drives from the computers and packing them separately into their own box. Wrap each drive with bubble wrap. All it takes is a bumpy ride with a little rattling for the hard drive cable to become loose. Once this happens, the hard drive can become damaged.

Protect Them From Dust

If dust gets into the boxes and into the computers, it can damage them, and this can happen in a short time. Ask the moving company to wipe down the interior of their moving truck to remove as much dust as they can. You should also put extra layers of tape on the boxes to decrease the amount of dust that gets into them.

The most important thing you need to do is to make sure everything on the computers is backed up just in case there is damage.