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Reduce Your Storage Volume With These Three Strategies

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Leasing storage space at a self-storage facility provides an ideal way to keep some of your possessions organized and accessible without having them clutter your living quarters at home. One of the big mistakes that some people do, however, is transport too many things to their storage unit. It can be easy to make this miscue, especially if you're the type of person who struggles to throw out what you own. Reducing the volume of what you need to store can allow you to save money by using a smaller unit and can also make future visits to the storage facility easier as it'll be easier to find what you're looking for. Here are three ways to reduce the volume of what you need to store.

Donate What You Can

The obvious benefits of donating some of your items are that doing so will help people in need and make you feel good for taking this action. The additional benefit of this process is that you'll have fewer items that need storage. There are a variety of avenues to explore when it comes to donating your goods. Many charities are constantly accepting donations of household items and clothing that they can distribute to those in need, while you can also contact local organizations, such as service clubs and youth groups, to see if they have a need for what you wish to donate.

Sell Items With Clear Value

It's worthwhile to sell the items that you don't want to store. This approach will not only reduce your storage volume, but can provide enough money to pay for part of your upcoming storage fees. A garage sale or the use of your local online classified site are both worthwhile ideas to pursue. If you already have moved your items into a storage unit and you're looking to downsize, many self-storage facilities have sale days several times a year. On these days, storage tenants can place tables in front of their units and reduce their storage volume on the spot.

Lend What You Might Want In The Future

If you have certain items that you don't want to permanently get rid of but you also don't want to store, lending them can be a viable solution. If you have a family member looking to furnish his or her first apartment or home, for example, the old couch or bookshelf can be a welcome item. When lending items, be clear that you'd like the items back and, if possible, try to think of an approximate lending period. This action will not only help someone around you, but can reduce your storage volume to help you.

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