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Simple And Easy Storage Tips

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When you put your household items into a storage unit, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by following a few simple tips that will make it easier to locate your items later. The information below will offer you good ideas to simplify the packing process and make getting at stored items much easier.

Make a chart and label boxes accordingly

Write down the contents of each box and give the box a number. Write that number both on the sheet of paper and on the box itself. It's also best if you label all the boxes from each room with a corresponding letter. This way, you can pack the unit room by room, making it even easier to locate what you need later on.

Use white trash bags instead of black ones

If you have items, such as bedding, that you want to pack in plastic bags then it's better to pack them in white bags. This way, you can use a permanent marker to write the contents on the outside of the bags and it can be read easily. The good thing about packing stuff into plastic bags is you can then fit them into small spaces that would otherwise be wasted space.

Use bubble wrap for all your pictures and tape pictures on them

Wrap all of your fragile items, such as pictures and mirrors, in bubble wrap. You can take pictures of the pictures, print them out and tape them to the outside of the bubble wrap. This is a very simple way for you to find the exact picture you are looking for without the need to unwrap all your pictures until you find the right one.

Make aisles in the storage unit

The best way to pack the unit is so you can walk through aisles of boxes, reaching any one you need without needing to remove a lot of them. Your furniture and appliances should be stacked along one wall, generally in the back of the storage unit. Then, add rows of boxes going from the back of the unit straight out toward the front. Leave about a foot and a half gap going down each row which should be enough room for someone to make their way through it.

The advice here will help you get in and out of your unit with what you are looking for quickly in the future. It will also help make sorting and unpacking much easier after you take your stuff out of storage. For more information about improving your storage experience, contact a facility such as King Arthur Self Storage