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Security Features To Consider Before Renting Storage Unit

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Before you can pick a storage unit to rent, it is imperative that you consider the security options you have. Each location can have different security measures, so you need to determine which ones are the most effective for your specific needs. You want to feel confident that once you leave the storage location that your personal items will stay where you left them.

Physical Security

In many cases, physical security is one of the best methods of protecting a location. With this option, there are employees present at the storage facility and they monitor the property. By choosing a location that has physical security, you know that someone will be able to notify the authorities if something happens.

When looking into different storage facilities, you should ask when the employees are present. Some locations have a person onsite during normal business hours, while security cameras monitor the nighttime hours. You may even find some facilities that have security guards present at all times. However, it is important to note that some locations rely on other security methods for keeping the property safe from unwanted people.

Access Controls

Another method for protecting a storage facility is access controls, which are devices that help the owners monitor the location. Typically, the devices are pin code gate locks, cameras, and motion sensors, just to name a few.

The idea is to minimize a person's ability to enter the location unnoticed. By having a gate that requires a pin code, the operator of the location can hand out a personal code to each customer. This way if the gate is opened, the employees of the storage facility will know which one was used.

Cameras are another device used to help record what happens at the location if someone decides to tries to break into a unit. Motion sensors on the other hand are used to activate the alarm system if the facility does not have 24/7 access for renters.

Personal Lock

Finding a location that has reliable security is a good option for protecting your items. However, you cannot rely on these measures solely, which is why you need a high quality personal lock. Many facilities require you to provide the lock so that no one, other than yourself, can enter the storage unit.

When choosing the lock, you want to pick one that protects the shackle, which is the top curved part of the lock. Disc locks for example, have a smaller portion of the shackle exposed, which makes it harder to cut it with a bolt cutter. By choosing a higher quality lock and finding a secure location like Arctic Self Storage, you will be able to protect the items you place inside your new storage unit.