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Transferring Property Between Storage Units And Facilities Or Condensing Storage Consumption: The Benefits

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When you own a lot of stuff, and you have to put most of that stuff in storage, you are probably going to look for ways to store it all together. When you have to store your belongings in more than one storage unit temporarily, it can create a little anxiety because you may feel as though it is spread out all over the place. Additionally, it can be very costly to store things in several storage facilities. Here is why it benefits you to be able to move your property between storage units and/or condense your stuff into a more localized and unified storage space.

Storage Businesses May Offer Discounts on Additional Units

Some storage unit proprietors offer discounts on monthly rent when you have more than one unit with them. If you need more than a single unit to store your stuff, you may want to shop around until you find a facility that offers this "perk" to their renters. Even shaving two dollars a month off of the rent of one extra storage unit saves you the cost of a tank of gas in a standard passenger vehicle every year, although many facilities that engage in this practice offer bigger discounts.

You Can Use Your Units to Shift Your Stuff Around

When you have a lot of stuff, you tend to go digging for one thing you need and then you have a hard time of it trying to put stuff somewhere out of the way to look for that one item. For example, you have virtually no floor space left in one storage unit and you are stacked to the ceiling. Every box you look through eventually looks the same. To save time and save yourself the confusion, you can place boxes you have already looked in into your other storage unit so that you know which boxes you have not searched yet. When you have finally found your item, you can either move the boxes from the second unit back to the first or just lock everything up and go.

The Storage Facility May Have On-Site "Muscle for Rent"

Some storage unit businesses actually have staff on hand who can help you move all of that stuff into your unit and/or between units on the same property. This is an especially nice service because you can borrow or "rent" this muscle by the hour to help you move stuff around. If you are really fortunate, the extra "muscle" is part of your monthly rent or move-in costs, but may be subject to availability. Check with your storage facility's proprietor and office staff to see how you can acquire their services and what these extra services cost, if anything.