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Moving A Disabled Relative To Your Home: How A Moving Service Can Help

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Making the decision to become a caregiver for a disabled or sick relative brings with it many responsibilities, and it comes with lots of changes to your home. A packing and moving service can help you to make the transition easier and provide a comfortable living space for your relative. Here are just a few benefits of using moving services for this new journey in life.

Clearing Out A Spare Bedroom

Your moving service can pack up all of the items in a spare bedroom for you, which will help you to create space for your relative's new room. Once all of the items are packed, they can be moved to a storage facility of your choosing. The moving service can also help you transition some of the furnishings in the room to other areas of your home so you don't have to do any heavy lifting. Use different colored sticky notes to identify which items are going into storage and which are getting moved to other areas of your home to make sure each item arrives at its intended destination.

Packing Up Your Relative's Home

Whether you are planning to help your relative sell his or her home or simply rent it out, you'll need to make arrangements to remove all the items in the house. A moving service can arrange everything for you, from packing and moving to transitioning some items to your home. The movers can also help determine which items will fit in the bedroom in your home. If you and your relative choose to donate items to local charities, the moving service can pack those items separately and drop them off at the charity of your choosing. Be sure to think about which items your loved one might want to bring to your house to make it feel more like home. Some items you should consider putting in the bedroom in your home might include:

  • Framed family photos
  • Favorite quilts or blankets
  • Photo albums
  • Family heirlooms
  • Wall art

The key to choosing which items to bring into the new home is selecting items that don't take up a lot of space or that can be stored easily. You may also consider bringing some of your relative's furniture to use in other areas of your house. This can help your loved one to feel like your home belongs to him or her as well.

Setting Up The New Bedroom

Your relative will likely need some specialized equipment in his or her new bedroom. Your moving service can help you to set up items such as an adjustable bed or power lift recliner so that the room is ready to move into right away. Ask the movers to measure the room, including the distance between the bed and the walls, to make it easier to get around using a wheelchair or walker. You can also have the movers rearrange furniture in other areas of your home to make them accessible for the wheelchair or walker as well.

Talk to your local moving service about your unique situation and any special concerns you may have. Choose a moving service that has experience helping disabled or elderly clients. Movers with this type of experience may have additional suggestions you can use to transition your loved one into your home.

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